Heart Alliance


Hey everyone!

It's been quite a while since we had some activity on the forum. And actually, activity in general. In the past few months, activity has slowly been going down in both Heart guild and the alliance. Even I myself haven't been online much in the past month.
In fact, if you ask around in most guilds, or ask new guilds to join the alliance, they don't find much meaning to the alliance anymore. It's not needed anymore.

Heart was created to offer newbies a place in this game, because there wasn't a single guild out there that accepted them.
But today? There are tons of newbie-friendly guilds out there, both inside and outside the alliance.

I'd say Heart has done its job. Our goal is complete.

Now that inactivity is creeping in, and me not planning to become active right away either, I don't see much future for the guild and alliance, and it will probably only deteriorate.
Wouldn't it then be better if we all split up now, and have our members create several new guilds? Heart may be empty then, but we'd spawn more new guilds which will bring new life.

That's why I would like to close down Heart. Either you retire as a hero, or continue going until you're that weird screaming grandpa on the streets. In this case I'd prefer the first.

I know a lot of you feel like Heart is/was your home, and yes, it is sad, and a shame to see the guild go. But I think this is the best course of action. I rather leave with good memories of it, and get the chance to see new (possibly better) things.

If any of you ever felt like creating your own guild, now is your chance! Do post here if you're planning to make one, so other members can see and join +best

Don't think of this as a sad ending, but a joyful victory and a new beginning!

We had an awesome run, and I can't wait to see what comes next.

- Dark Ashelin